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NuCalm Dental Relaxation

NuCalm_Patient_OptimizedWhen you lay back for an evening’s slumber, how do you feel?

Initially, you may think about work, family, even mentally running through tomorrow’s calendar.  But each evening, this patterned thinking soon gives way to relaxation, random thoughts and deep breathing.

You have entered the Alpha stage of sleep, the exact relaxation state you’ll experience with NuCalm.

Is it possible to experience a state of deep relaxation in the dentist’s chair? Yes!

When using the NuCalm system you will be relaxed, unaware and unfocused on the dental services you are receiving. Your experience will feel like you are at a spa,  relaxing your mind and your body throughout the entire dental procedure. The NuCalm system is also designed to ease tension in your head, neck, and upper back, resulting in a sense of balance and wellness that lasts for hours – even days – after your office visit.

NuCalm technology allows you to be diligent about your oral health care as you experience the added benefit of full body rejuvenation, you will love going to the dentist!

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