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TMJ Treatment

Image collected on a PmWikiMillions suffer from chronic headaches and migraines that affect their work and day-to-day function.

These persistent issues can affect your mood and cause frustration, irritation and a lack of concentration. Many seek help through physicians, specialists and medications but fail to find relief. If you find that your work and personal life are being affected it’s time to find a real remedy!

TMJ/TMD, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder occurs when the small joints of the jaw, and the strong muscles that control day-to-day functions such as eating, chewing, and speaking, become misaligned or abnormally tense.

By examining your bite and facial structure, muscles and symptoms, Dr. Echelman can create a plan using the latest advances in dental technology to help restore your bite for a comfortable, youthful, beautiful smile.

Regain the restful, relaxing sleep and the energetic, vibrant days that you’ve been missing for too long with TMJ treatment and TMD treatment by Dr. Echelman.

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